The Modern Classics Debate

I am of course talking about my love affair with modern 1980’s, 1990’s cars and Jaguar motor cars of any age. Catawiki’s modern classics auctions have regularly been a case of lose the credit card before visiting. They mainly have left hand drive stuff but there is some really great stuff in their auctions. A Read more about The Modern Classics Debate[…]

PSA Et Opel? Pourquoi?????

I was sat my desk earlier catching up on the day’s business news of which there has been quite a bit today. Some oof it exciting and some of it not so. The big one that caught my eye, was that PSA are in talks with General Motors to acquire Opel. Opel is General Motors’ Read more about PSA Et Opel? Pourquoi?????[…]

More bottle than United Dairies!

As a self confessed petrol head I do like hear of quality drives and missions involving cars, especially when they seem like doomed ideas and they come good. Those of my generation can certainly consider “The Liver Run” as a shining example (Google it if you haven’t heard about it. Its an amazing feat of Read more about More bottle than United Dairies![…]

Where have 30 years gone?

My thanks to Keith Adams and the aronline team for signposting me to this one. I am amazed that it has been 30 years since the Rover 800 car hit the streets. I spent most of the mid 90’s inside one of these. It says a lot for the old adage “time flys”. These were Read more about Where have 30 years gone?[…]

The ones that got away

Following a blog the other day on which I blogged about a dutch classic car auction site and some of the interesting metal they had. I received a number of messages and had a number of chats with friends and colleagues about classic cars. Unfortunately the DVLA have removed my licence for a while on Read more about The ones that got away[…]

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