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Travelling Whilst On Medication Was Supposed To Get Easier

Many regular readers will be aware of some serious health issues I have had over the past few years. So much so it feels like I should drive a forklift truck to my local pharmacy when I go to pick up a repeat prescription! Yes there is a lot of medication!

I saw this article while checking some local news earlier and came across this article about a new service that should make  life easier.

Certainly the article helped me a little and I quote:

“Strong painkillers such as tramadol and codeine could see you facing a fine or jail in places such as the United Arab Emirates.”


“In Indonesia, codeine, sleeping pills and treatments for ADHD are straight-up illegal, so don’t even attempt to bring them.”


“The US won’t accept any type of strong painkiller like tramadol, codeine or medication with opiates.”

Ok so parts of the Middle East and Indonesia are out and I most definitely am not planning to pay Donald Trump and his chums a visit any time soon, so for some destinations I know where I stand. So I know where I am, or do I? Well not really! Is Codeine legal in Denmark? I do not know. It gets better I quote the article linked to above again “But a new checklist from the Foreign Office details the medications that could land you in hot water in a different country.”

Ok. There is no link to this checklist in the article that I could see. I accept that I am long overdue to Specsavers! 15 minutes of googling didn’t return anything useful either unless you count an advert for a travel insurance provider useful.

I checked The Foreign Office website for advice on Japan where basics such as Sudafed are apparently banned. I got a link to this website. I couldn’t easily find the answer to the question. I looked at the page on this site for the United Arab Emirates. I could not find a reference to Tramadol potentially landing me in Jail.

Look! I want to know if certain medication is banned in certain countries. Unless I have missed something, which is possible I cannot see an easy way to plan a holiday when I cannot work out which of the 19 different types of medication I am prescribed are not allowed and which countries these medications are not allowed. I cannot find this talked about list that I quoted above. This can now only mean one thing. My 2018 holiday will most likely be restricted to a fortnight in Skegness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like my holiday plans heave heavily been curtailed so I will leave this here but before I do, does anyone know if Tramadol is legal in Skegness!!!!!!??



Monica Now Available In PersonalCloud

I am delighted to announce that Monica is now available in my PrsonalCloud product.

Monica is powerful Personal Relationship Management software that is web based. It is ideal for busy individuals and sole traders.

Monica is priced from £0.79 per month.

For more information on PersonalCloud or Monica, please use the form below to contact me.

Top Trade Counter Deals 19/06/2018

New Jobs Available :: Regional Distributors

I am seeking regional distributors for a new range of technologically advanced products, including cleaning products based on the latest advanced technology, electric mopeds, new wearable technology and clothing and other items including possibly the worlds smallest laptop.

The successful applicant will be a successful sales distributor with a proven track record, access to markets for the above mentioned products and a good database of potential customers.

Excellent commissions and more await the successful applicants.

Positions available throughout the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

Please click here for more information and to apply

Event Notice :: Ireland Visit July 2018

Court Guinness will be visiting Ireland from 9 -12 July 2018 and will be available for some meetings.

To arrange to meet with Court Guinness in Dublin from 09 July 2018 – 12 July 2018 Please use te form below  to contact him.

June 2018 Trade House Podcast

I am delighted to announce that I have started podcasting again.

The June 2018 edition of The Trade House Podcast is now available here!

I would be delighted to hear your feedback. Please click here to contact me.

Launch of SUSE CaaS Platform 3

I am delighted to be a SUSE partner.

SUSE CaaS Platform 3: Accelerating Delivery of Modern Applications for the Digital Economy

SUSE is focused on delivering an exceptional operator experience with SUSE CaaS Platform. With deep competencies in infrastructure, systems, process integration, platform security, lifecycle management and enterprise-grade support, SUSE aims to ensure IT operations teams can deliver the power of Kubernetes to their users quickly, securely and efficiently.

What’s New:

With SUSE CaaS Platform 3, you can:

  • Optimize cluster configuration with expanded data center integration and cluster reconfiguration options
  • Manage container images more efficiently and securely with a local container registry
  • Simplify deployment and management of long-running workloads through the Kubernetes Apps Workloads API

SUSE CaaS Platform 3 will be generally available on 28 June 2018.

For more information. Please use the form below to contact me.

Is This The World Smallest Ever Laptop?

The Trade Counter has just started stocking the GPD Pocket.

This is a 7 inch laptop (screen size) that is less than 2cm thick! It has an Intel Atom processor, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of Storage. It Comes with Microsoft Windows 10!

I have 2 laptops as it is. One with a 14 inch screen that has never left the house and one with a 10.8 inch screen that is purely for travelling. I do not believe that this GPD laptop is up to so much of the stuff that the other two are capable of, such as very complex Excel Spreadsheets, some HTML/Javascript work and some adobe tools plus the usual office work such as emails, PDFs and basic Word Documents. I think it may be able to handle the office work bit and believe that the screen size might count against it for anything else.

I have been having a look around and I do not believe I have found anything that comes close. I would be delighted to know if there is anything on the market currently. Please do get in touch if you know of something.

Intrigue however has got the better of me and I can announce that I will be bringing one to the UK for my own use very soon.