New downloads section

This website has a new downloads section which can be accessed in blog view via the sidebar or from the front page in the left footer. It is currently showing only one download but more are planned to be added shortly so please check back for more updates! Best regards Court

The P2 List – A preview

The P2 List is a monthly magazine published by office, The P2 Set Limited for the small business owner, investor and buyer. We have been asked by some people for a sneak preview of our new magazine so here it is! Front Cover Samples of pages with advertising.   The July issue will feature over Read more about The P2 List – A preview[…]

What are Microsoft Playing At?

Most readers of this blog will be only too well aware that Microsoft have just acquired LinkedIn for a staggering $26 Billion or thereabouts. This was announced yesterday. Since then I have had a number of chats with business associates, clients and friends about this very topic. Three things come to light: Microsoft are not Read more about What are Microsoft Playing At?[…]

Happy 4th Birthday to this blog!

Yes it is four years since I set up this website. At the start it was exercise in helping me to write better copy but over time it has expanded a lot and I have actually come to enjoy writing blogs. In all I have now written over 200 blogs! Here is a selection of Read more about Happy 4th Birthday to this blog![…]

Well I missed a big trick there then!

Since 2011 my CMS (Content Management Solution) weapon of choice has been WordPress. It has developed well in to the mature CMS it is today that is loved by both myself and many, many others. At one point I had more than 40 instances of WordPress on the go. Today there are only eight. At Read more about Well I missed a big trick there then![…]

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