An Update – May 2016

So What has been happening recently? Workwise The new magazine is out now. I have started a new podcast channel that is in its infancy here. Both of these projects have been great fun to do and please do look out for more soon. I have also started to develop two new products, these should Read more about An Update – May 2016[…]

The P2 List magazine

The P2 List is a monthly magazine written by my business, The P2 Set. In June 2016 edition are over 200 business and property opportunities either on brokerage or advertised by the business on behalf of clients. The total value of these opportunities is just over €400 million. There are also some good quality features Read more about The P2 List magazine[…]

Another day another IT Security breach

This morning I was at Georges Hospital in Tooting for one of my regular visits. Once again the doctor leaves the room and leaves his computer unlocked. I was able to grab this photograph and other information on my medical record. (I wont post that stuff here, neither will I post the picture of my Read more about Another day another IT Security breach[…]

We all lose things from time to time, but…

Somethings are fast becoming  beyond a joke. Let’s face it we have all done it. We have all put our wallet or our keys down somewhere and have forgotten where have put them. Indeed I put a packet of cigarettes down earlier and haven’t been able to find them since! That was hours ago! I Read more about We all lose things from time to time, but…[…]

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