How 25 years have changed t***phones

25 years ago I used to define the twatphone as one of these bad boys. I even had one for work at one point. Times have moved on however and the definition of the phrase twatphones has changed in my opinion, these devices are normally worn by idiots commuting to and from London mainly so Read more about How 25 years have changed t***phones[…]

There will be a fatal incident soon and it will be all YOUR fault!

Yes you! Yes you! You who cannot commute properly. You who twalk – the art of texting while walking down the street. You who ride a bloody Brompton bike where you shouldn’t You who walk down thee street watching a movie on your iPad You who listen to crap music from silly oversized headphones that Read more about There will be a fatal incident soon and it will be all YOUR fault![…]

Moving to Apple – A 5 month review

Five months ago, when my mobile kit was due for renewal, I looked at all the options. The new Samsung Edge Phone was not going to last very long in my hands and there new tablet devices were “not doing it for me”. So I ended up opting for an iPhone 6s. I was previously Read more about Moving to Apple – A 5 month review[…]

Do you know david?

Do you know David? If you do then I feel sorry for you. The David in question is a Doctor David Selvadurai. He is an ENT consultant at St Georges Hospital. Though some research suggests he doesn’t give a care in the world for his NHS patients and would rather spend time touring the many Read more about Do you know david?[…]

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