I have been at Georges Hospital in Tooting, London for 39 days now. Here is an update. Courts blog tells you the rest and this one is so similar its unbelievevable Had to wait 2 hours for orimorph as the senior nurse was on her break and there wasn’t anyone to cover her bay whilst she was away. I had to wait over an hour the other night to get my stomach bag changed as the nurses were all busy with other things . . . . . . this was 3am in the morning and poo was running down my side onto the bed, when l buzzed one of the nurses to get more cleaning cloths to soak up the poo, she was very aggressive saying how busy she was, even before she gave me a chance to open my mouth and simply ask for more cloths. The following night the same thing happened but l only had to wait for half an hour this time! I was left in pain for 5 hours waiting for a nurse to get my morphine injection. One nurse has now spent a total of 6 hours doing the croissant ladies hair whilst the 95 year old lady is ignored in the next bed as she is too scared to ask for help (she will quietly cry to herself and is ignored but l’m on the far side of the ward but l can hear her!). When a new patient is discharged, she is asked to complete a questionnaire, whilst the nurse stands over her.