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Properties Required In Monaghan

The P2 Set have an urgent requirement for sites larger than one acre, A1 and A3 retail property and sites suitable for restaurant and fast food retail use in Monaghan. My clients require suitable locations with good ABC1C2D footfall in popular towns and villages throughout Monaghan . Excellent deals for commercial property sourcers and introducers available. Excellent budgets on offer! My clients will consider planning risks. For a discussion in confidence about suitable properties you may have available in Monaghan. , please contact me.  

Health and Fitness Opportunity


Our client is in the process of creating a unique web based offering to the home leisure and fitness markets. They are currently seeking funding to bring this market beating offering to a web based audience. Featuring a unique product set and multiple streams of income, this is an ideal 3—5 year opportunity for a good investor with an interest in the marketplace to achieve quality yields. The product set is being priced at a point below any competitors and the total offering is vastly superior to that of the nearest competitor.

Featuring a wide variety of tools, including the facilities that many web users expect from such a portal such as social networking, this opportunity will provide revenue generation via subscriptions, advertising and various point of sale opportunities. There are also possibilities for revenue generation via affinity link up deals. Our client is planning subject to finance to be in a live revenue generating position within three months.


It is currently intended that the site will be based on a PHP/MySql content management system,most likely Joomla or Drupal. Full site monitoring and analytics will be installed.

About Our Client

Our client is currently owned and operated by two highly qualified, knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic fitness and leisure professionals. They are highly motivated and ready move expediently to bring this venture to market, they have completed a lot of the groundwork already.

Investment Level £25,000 – £75,000

Client Relationship

Our client is currently engaging Ewell Systems to provide advice and guidance

Content Writers Required For August 2018

I publish The Trade House Magazine on a regular basis. The magazine caters for small business owners and those looking for small business opportunities, businesses for sale, property opportunities and and those providing them. Weekly Deals now gets over 1000 unique reads per issue on average.

Are you a content writer?

Do you write content suitable for small business owners?

Is your content Europe centric? If so, would you like to write an article or submit an article for inclusion in The Trade House Magazine? If the answer to any of this is yes, then please do use the form below to contact me. I will be delighted to hear from you and will contact you within 24 hours to discuss things further.

Here Is How Over £138,000,000 Worth Of Deals Is Crammed Into One Magazine

The chart below details the different business sectors that are represented in the July issue of The Trade House Magazine,

Before we delve into the chart here are some high level statistics. The lowest value deal is valued at £100. The highest value deal is valued at £30,000,000. The average value of all the deals contained in the July edition is £1,270,954.

Here is the full chart.

Deal Sector  Total Value Number Of Deals  Average Deal Value
Asset Sales  £ 3,185,000 4  £ 796,250
Automotive  £ 200,000 1  £ 200,000
Camping And Caravanning  £ 365,000 1  £ 365,000
Care Homes  £ 1,200,000 1  £ 1,200,000
Commercial Property  £ 1,914,000 5  £ 382,800
Data Centres  £ 3,000,000 1  £ 3,000,000
General Deals  £ 200 1  £ 200
Health and Care  £ 2,500,000 1  £ 2,500,000
Hotels  £ 97,789,950 15  £ 6,519,330
Industrial  £ 950,000 2  £ 475,000
Intellectual Property  £ 200,000 1  £ 200,000
Investment  £ !,000,000 1  £ 1,000,000
Joint Ventures  £ 4,000 1  £ 4,000
Leisure  £ 850,000 2  £ 425,000
Lifestyle  £ 1,225,000 5  £ 245,000
Marine  £ 975,000 1  £ 975,000
Misc  £ 5,000,100 2  £ 2,500,050
Night Clubs  £ 250,000 1  £ 250,000
Petrol Station  £ 295,000 1  £ 295,000
Professional  £ 135,000 1  £ 135,000
Projects  £ 118,000 2  £ 59,000
Property  £ 13,600,000 10  £ 1,360,000
Pubs  £ 1,724,750 10  £ 172,475
Recruitment  £ 750,000 2  £ 375,000
Restaurant  £ 474,995 6  £ 79,166
Retail  £ 2,419,995 12  £ 201,666
Technology  £ 8,942,000 9  £ 993,556
Trades  £ 636,980 8  £ 79,623
Transport  £ 20,000 1  £ 20,000
Unusual  £ 24,000 1  £ 24,000
Website  £ 49,995 4  £ 12,499
Total  £ 143,617,765 113  £ 1,270,954


You can have a look at the magazine below.

July 2018 Target Reached

I am pleased to announce that The Trade House Magazine has reached its target of 4,500 for the July 2018 edition already with two full weeks to go before the August 2018 edition is published.

I would like to thank every unique reader for reading and helping The Trade House Magazine reach its target so early on in the month of July 2018.


Wednesday 11/07/2018 Update

  • Over 150 new products were added to The Trade Counter today.
  • A number of new members have signed up DealNet recently.
  • I shall be at Autumn Fair, Birmingham NEC on 4th September 2018
  • I shall be in Ireland from 7th September 2018 to 14th September 2018. I have time available for meetings In Ireland. Please use the form below t contact me to arrange a meeting.
  • The Trade House Magazine has reached 4,000 readers so far this month.  The Trade House Magazine July 2018 Edition
  • Advertising for the August 2018 issue is now open. Please use the form below for any advertising enquiries.